Friday, May 29, 2009

Surf Art Kids Tour 2009 - La'ie Elementary School DAY 1

On March 29th Hilton began the second leg of his Surf Art Kids Tour of 2009 at La’ie Elementary School. The first of two murals Hilton is painting at La’ie is 14 x 50 feet. This mural features a heart shaped reef cave and sandy ocean bottom and Hilton will be adding fish, coral and other marine life in the next several days.

Hilton says he designed the reef in this fashion, “to show children [his] respect for the sea and its inhabitants.” During the intervals between the classes, Hilton was able to share this message with the many students who came to watch the artist in action. He states, “I was happy to help inspire the youth and I’m excited that they will be helping me to paint the second mural early next week.”

Hilton was also honored to help judge a poster contest, which attracted 300 entrants from the school. With the theme, “Our La’ie Bay” students create posters demonstrating their awareness of the need to protect marine life and ocean resources. Out of 300 entries 12 will be awarded for their posters at a special assembly on June 3rd. Made by children from ages 4 to 11, the posters impressed Hilton for the attention to details, creativity, important messages and compassion for the future they possessed. Winners will receive artwork by Hilton and prizes donated by Go Nuts Hawai’i.

The mural wall became a gathering place for interested students during lunchtime. Hilton spent 45 minutes to demonstrate his drawing techniques for eager students, sign autographs and talk with the children about saving the ocean and marine life. Hilton exclaims, “I was inspired seeing the joy these children are having with the new look of the school and having me share my talents and message with them.”


  1. Hi- my kids attend Laie- and they are so inspired by your work! This afternoon instead of begging to watch TV, they have spent their time drawing and coloring pictures. They are SO EXCITED to paint their fish on the mural tomorrow!

    Thank you for such a wonderful gift. Inspiring my children to use their creativity! Sharing your talent with our small school is such a treasure- I know my kids will remember!

    (PS- one of my sons got your autograph and you drew him a shark- he LOVES it!)

  2. I like this site. Once I won a contest in Laie Elementary. I got a surfboard. Bye!