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Surf Art Kids Project Completes Two Murals During U.S. Vets Pai'olu Kaiaulu
Awareness Day Celebrations in Waianae

Oahu, September 19, 2012 - On September 15th, artist Hilton Alves completed
two murals during U.S. Vets Pai'olu Kaiaulu Homeless Shelter Awareness Day
celebrations in Waianae. As part of Brazilian Day celebrations in the United
States, this mural project featured special guest tattoo and graffiti artist from São
Paulo, Markone. Two murals were completed in less than 8 hours beautifying
two structures at the shelter which houses families and individuals experiencing
financial difficulties on the Leeward coast. Speaking about the project artist Hilton
Alves said, “The goal was to introduce community art in the life of these children
and encourage them to use art as a source of inspiration for life.”

U.S. Vets Pai'olu Kaiaulu staff and Surf Art Kids volunteers involved over 200
children and community members in the mural process. Inspired by Hilton’s live art
exhibition, children participated in drawing activities and were asked to record why
they love art. The children also volunteered to help the artist in the mural process
and painted their own sea life on the second community mural. These murals were
the 12th and 13th Surf Art Kids murals on the island.

The first mural featured a perfect wave 9 x 30 feet in size and was completed
in less than three hours. The second mural featured an under water theme and
included the work of Markone and the children artists. Marcelo Caverna, Operations
Manager of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and Susie Turner, of
Aloha Private Tours, were special volunteers also assisting in the mural process.

Hilton Alves created surf Art Kids in 2003, in Sao Paulo, where the artist gave
painting lessons as a volunteer in a community center in the city. In 2007, Surf Art
Kids completed it’s its first Hawaii mural in Waialua on Oahu. Since then, over 4,000
children have been reached through the project.

Photos by Cecilio DelaCruz

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US Vets Paiolu Kaiaulu-Waianae Civic Center

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Still dreaming to open an ART SCHOOL here in Oahu, HI. 
I would like to open one here on the North Shore because I feel that a lot of people will enjoy having art, fun and inspiration from this magic place, plus the kids will have a lot of fun painting all kinds of things...canvas, wood, t-shirts, etc.
This photo was taken in 2006, in Caravelas, South of Bahia (Brazil). I did a big Surf Art Kids project during 15 days there also learned a lot about humpback whales, dolphins, etc.
Thinking BIG...always!

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SURF ART KIDS is going to West Side of Oahu on September 15th.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Making the Difference

Right before school let out for the summer, Hilton came to our class to present
one of his paintings to a lucky student.
Since our winner was a friend of Hiltons, he asked if Bryson would mind if
he gave the painting to Kevin, our "special" student because Kevin was
so loved the painting.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Surf Art Kids Waialua Elementary School Mural #11

Waialua Elementary School, Waialua - Oahu, HI.

Morning set up.

First class.

Hilton Alves and Barry Meklir.
Surf Art Kids is FUN!!!
Hilton and Kalani.
Ken Capes doing his best thing: Teaching.
Hilton's toys.
Artist Clark Takashima and volunteers getting ready for the action.

Surf Art Kids Mural #11 - Waialua Elementary School

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